No doubt, obtaining a commercial loan is a difficult task. Most businesses took negative revenue hits the last couple of years; but, in large part businesses have weathered the storm. In this time of recessionary recovery some businesses expect to not just breakeven, but possibly realize a profit. Moving towards growth, businesses are beginning to visit banks in anticipation of financing pending developments. However, funding emerging growth trends will be a challenge without historical revenues and cash flow banks require.

Bankers are having difficulty finding customers that fit into the tight credit parameters for lending. However, savvy bankers understand that although many potential customers may not meet credit standards today, given a little time and maybe a little help, they might in the near future. Here’s the rub; customers want a complete package (the loan piece and depository relationship) and remain unwilling to move business over piecemeal. This situation is precisely where working with FSW can close the gap.

By providing a short term alternative loan solution, customers will be more willing to bring over deposits and move their entire banking relationship to the bank and banker who provides the introduction to the solution. Factoring provides growth capital, makes for a profitable company, along with motivating deposits.

It’s no secret that banks and bankers are hunting down deposits. Savvy bankers set themselves apart with a competitive edge; a FSW partnership is a leg up in providing loan alternatives to drive deposits.