How you present an invoice is very important. Most AP departments prefer to pay from an original invoice because payments made against copies of invoices represent a significant portion of duplicate and fraudulent payments. Some AP departments often have policies requiring payment from an original invoice and others have strict processes to follow when paying from a copy that requires additional research and delays payment.

Smudged numbers can cause payment delays and errors. An invoice’s information is only as good as the equipment that produces it.

If your company sends paper invoices, present your invoices on white paper using black ink. Do not use colored paper, even if you are tempted to make your invoice distinctive. It does not help get your invoice processed more quickly, and in fact, slows payment if invoices are scanned electronically and the equipment cannot read invoices printed on colored paper. In addition, white paper is less usually expensive and will save you money.

Invoices should be clearly marked “INVOICE.”