Broker Referrals

FSW Funding works with a network of referral sources across the country. We have been able to retain and grow our referral network by creating a generous referral fee program. Our referral sources know they can trust their clients with us as we deliver a high level of customer service and satisfaction. This means longer client retention which equals a longer commission stream to our referral sources.
Since we know each deal is different, we are committed to tailoring the best factoring package for each prospect. We take the time to understand the deal because we understand the value of a partnership with our referral sources.

We Can Consider

  • Transactions with terms longer than 90 days
  • Start up companies
  • Companies experiencing rapid growth
  • Clients with previous credit problems

What We Will Not Consider

  • Construction receivables or progress payment transactions
  • Medical receivables
  • Consumer receivables
  • Trucking receivables

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