Less Than Perfect Credit

Working Capital With Less Than Perfect Credit

Over the years, your business credit might have taken a few hits. Now that you need a business loan, you might be running into a lot of “no”s and closed doors. Rather than face another rejection from another bank or credit union, do yourself and your nerves a favor and turn to us here at FSW Funding. We specialize in financing options for business owners like yourself who have less-than-perfect credit. Allow us to help you boost your business in spite of your current credit score.

How We Can Help

Rather than applying for a regular business loan, you might prefer looking into accounts receivable financing instead. This type of financing isn’t a type of debt, which means you have one less thing to worry about. Additionally, another reason you can qualify for this type of financing no matter how your credit looks is the fact that we’ll consider the credit of your customers rather than your business’s current credit score when determining your eligibility.
When we say accounts receivable financing isn’t a type of debt, what we mean is that you’ll use cash you’re already owed as a source of working capital. Specifically, it’s your invoices that we’ll give you an advance on, meaning you don’t have to wait as many as 90 days before receiving money. 90 days is an eternity in business time, and you might not be able to wait that long. With our help, you don’t have to!
Another massive benefit of accounts receivable financing is the fact that it’s the perfect fit for a number of industries, including: Staffing agencies, Telecommunications, Renewable energy, Oilfield services, Technology, Construction and E-commerce to name a few.

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