Receivable Financing for Service Providers

Get Paid Sooner With FSW Funding

If your business provides goods or services, then you know the period between sending an invoice and receiving the payment can be agonizing. It can be impossible to make decisive purchases or invest in growth opportunities when your profits are tied up in cash you do not yet have. FSW Funding is one of the leading invoice factoring and receivable financing service providers, and we can give your business the spark it needs to flourish.

Why Finance Receivables?

Accounts receivable financing can breathe new life into your business. When you have money readily available, you can finance business operations and invest in developing new products and services. You also gain access to the unique benefits of working with FSW Funding, including:

  • Client credit history management
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Customizable plans that let you factor accounts on your terms

When you finance your receivables through FSW Funding, the process is simple:

  • After you provide goods or services to a customer, you send an invoice to both the customer and to us.
  • We immediately provide you with financing of up to 90 percent of the billed amount.
  • The customer makes a payment to FSW Funding, and we return that payment to you after retaining a fee.

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