Staffing Industry Financing

Helping Your Staffing Company Flourish

The staffing industry is a specialized field, and companies within it have specialized financial needs. FSW Funding understands these challenges and offers a full line of programs to address them. Your company can develop and expand more comfortably with our staffing industry financing services.

Acquire and Grow

Mergers and acquisitions are becoming more commonplace, and you do not want your company to miss out on these opportunities due to financial constraints. FSW Funding can seamlessly support your transaction with a financing package suited to your company’s assets. We also offer secondary financing that enables you to complete additional deals without losing equity.

Term Loans

When your staffing company needs fast, flexible lending, FSW Funding can help. Our term loans have simple approval processes and can be used for numerous applications.

Traditional Bank Lines of Credit

FSW Funding can give you access to a business line of credit that meets your staffing company’s requirements. We offer multiple programs for lines of credit over $500,000, and our financial experts can help determine the best one for your business.

Payroll Funding

It is crucial to provide your employees with the compensation they deserve, and we can help make that happen. Whether your business is brand new or an industry leader, you can fund your payroll without covenants or restrictions.

The Best of Both Worlds

FSW Funding offers a rare combination of flexibility and accessibility. To learn more about our staffing industry financing solutions, contact one of our financial professionals today.

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