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FSW Funding is a privately owned and operated, asset-based lending company specializing in the financing needs of today’s small and medium sized businesses.

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The Service Industry Finds Growth Capital without Debt

The service industry is in high demand in the current economic climate. Services ranging from general contractors, security, cloud-based tech solutions, and more are generating more sales and allowing businesses in the service industry to position themselves for...

Distributors Need High-Cash Flow to Meet Market Demands

Distributors are currently feeling pressure as the demand for capacity loads is high, but transportation availability is experiencing a strain. The result is large orders from customers, but dwindling capital for distributors to meet the rising demand. Strengthening...

Building Momentum in a Strong Economic Climate

Building Momentum in a Strong Economic Climate The economy is strong and customer confidence is high. The current economic climate offers a number of opportunities for businesses to build capital reserves and gain momentum for growth. Still, many businesses are...

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FSW Funding offers unparalleled customer service to each and every client. It doesn’t matter if you are big or small; every client receives our full attention.